Rapid Refill locations offer a full complement of print-related services:

Rapid Same Day Delivery Services
Recycling Services
Printer Sales
Printer Repair
Printer Maintenance
Printer Cleaning
Printer Purchase Advice



Rapid Delivery Services

delivery-car.jpgRapid Refill understands that most of our customers don't have time to wait several days for delivery of their ink or toner cartridges.  When you need to print and your cartridge is empty, you need it now!  Rapid Refill has several speedy delivery options available, including our RAPID SAME-DAY BUSINESS DELIVERY and super-cheap RAPID NEXT-DAY HOME DELIVERY.  Because we have locations in most markets, we can offer industry best delivery times.  It's what our name is all about!

Buying In-Store:

Contact your local Rapid Refill store for pickup and delivery options.  Visit the Store Locator to find a store near you.

Buying Online:

First, select a local Rapid Refill location from the Store Locator and 'Make It Your Store'.  This will give you the fastest local delivery options.  Then when you browse our online store you will see local delivery and store pickup options, even before you add it to your cart.  Need items that have different delivery availabilities?  No problem, our intelligent fulfillment engine will allow you to select a speedy delivery time for those items eligible for Same-Day Delivery, In-Store Pickup or Next-Day delivery and another method for those items only available for ground shipping.  Get everything you need, as fast as possible.


Recycling Services

Rapid Refill was founded on recycling and preserving our environment!

Rapid Refill's Commercial Recycling Services offer another great reason to choose Rapid Refill as your company's print solutions partner. Whether in support of a Green Initiative or if you're just looking to pitch in, your local Rapid Refill store can help your business make a real difference.

The first Rapid Refill store was founded on the idea that we could turn used, empty inkjet and toner cartridges into useable products, all while saving our customers a lot of money. Today we are helping companies all across the United States with recycling. Rapid Refill provides free ink and toner cartridge recycling services for all of our commercial clients and we are happy to provide consultations to anyone looking to recycle.

At Rapid Refill, recycling is real. Each Rapid Refill store collects used, empty inkjet and toner cartridges, saving them from the fate of a landfill. Many cartridges that aren't returned to companies like Rapid Refill for recycling end up on a barge to a third-world nation to be incinerated or placed in landfills — dumping a countless amount of pollutants into the environment. Plus, every cartridge refilled by Rapid Refill is one less new cartridge that has to be manufactured using polluting petroleum products. Rapid Refill looks to make our community a cleaner place to live. Join the fight against pollution and waste and contact your local Rapid Refill store today.

Printer Sales

xerox-1.jpgRapid Refill is your local source for the right knowledge to help you with your next printer purchase. Don't waste money on whatever printer the big box store happens to have on sale. Talk with our experienced team to find the best deal on the best printer for you.  New and Refurbished printer models available to suit any budget.

Secure Shredding

iron-mountain-secure-shredding.gifRapid Refill has partnered with Iron Mountain, the leader in on-site and off-site secure shredding services, to offer our customers secure shredding services for important and sensitive documents.  For personal documents with senstitive information like banking information, personal identification data or other personal items, Rapid Refill provides a safe and secure method for disposing these items without worry.  We can also help your business with on-site placement of secure document shredding containers that fit your business' needs.  

Printer Services

We Repair and Maintain:

hp-logo.jpg canon-logo.jpg lexmark-logo.jpg dell-logo.jpg epson-logo.jpg brother-logo.jpg
HP monochrome and color laser printers and inkjet printers Canon monochrome and color laser printers and inkjet printers Lexmark monochrome and color laser printers and inkjet printers Dell monochrome and color laser printers and inkjet printers Epson Inkjet printers Brother monochrome and color laser printers and inkjet printers
We also service other brands including Konica-Minolta, Kyocera, Mita, Okidata, Sharp, Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, Xerox and more! On-site service is available for our commercial clients.

Printer Maintenance

Printers are designed with parts that wear out over time, similar to brake pads on an automobile. These parts can be cost effectively replaced to keep your printer tuned & working like new. Rapid Refill provides full printer maintenance services for all of the wearable parts inside of your inkjet or laser printer. The Rapid Refill Certified Print Specialists provide maintenance services for monochrome & laser printers – including replacement of drums, fuser kits, transfer rollers and other wearable parts.

Printer Cleaning

Caring for your inkjet or laser printer can help to ensure a long useful life. Paper dust and other debris can build up inside of the printer over time resulting in poor print quality, paper jams and other printing errors. We recommend a full printer cleaning service at least annually for household use and twice per year for normal business use. We’ll even show you some tips & tricks for basic, light printer cleaning you can do at home!

Contact one of our representatives to establish a printer cleaning & service program to see the benefits immediately! Schedule an on-site printer cleaning for your business or simply bring in your printer to the Rapid Refill store near you for a free evaluation! Visit our store locator to find your Rapid Refill!

Printer Repair

Rapid Refill is committed to delivering savings to our customers. Rapid Refill brand print cartridges are a great way to save, but we can usually save you money on printers as well. Before you invest in a new printer, contact Rapid Refill's Certified Print Specialists to see if it can be repaired. Why waste money on a new printer?


Document Print & Copy

Many Rapid Refill locations offer full-color and black-and-white digital printing and copying services. Contact the location near you to check on available services.

Digital Print & Copy:

  • Sales presentations
  • Marketing materials
  • Flyers
  • Manuals and training materials
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures and event programs
  • Business cards and more!

Document Finishing Services:

  • Binding
  • Laminating
  • Hole Punching
  • Folding

Certified Print Specialists
Sometimes a print job requires a professional touch. Let the Certified Print Specialists at Rapid Refill help you make your next print project a breeze.

Expertise is only the beginning. Our very competitive prices will make you wonder why you went elsewhere in the past.

Printer Purchase Advice

If you are in the market for a new printer, give Rapid Refill a call. Our Certified Print Specialists will help you decide not only which printer is best for your printing needs, but which will deliver the best print quality & lowest annual cost of printing. We love helping our customers, so just stop in to a Rapid Refill store near you and we'll be glad to assist you in making a smart printer purchase decision!