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Rapid Refill is now the exclusive retailer for Xerox® replacement toner cartridges. If you're scratching your head wondering what the big deal is, we understand. Here is what you need to know, right now.

A Xerox replacement cartridge is compatable in all HP® and Brother® printers, and Xerox doesn't mess around. Xerox invented toner back in 1942, and they have been perfecting the product ever since. Now you can have the best of both worlds: the Xerox name brand and Rapid Refill's customer service and local delivery.

If you use an HP or Brother printer at your home or office, need to save money, and want the customer service Rapid Refill is known for, then a Xerox replacement cartridges is for you.

Are you a print supplies buyer for a company who has strict rules about who you can buy printer cartridges from? Then our Xerox replacement toner cartridges is your best option to save money and shop local.

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